Flights from Chennai to Bangalore make your trip memorable with fly wid us

  Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu is located on Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal. Metropolis is adorned with various historical landmarks, cultural art centers, sandy beaches, parks and buildings. Marina, Golden, Covelong and Elliot Beach are major places to sense fresh breeze of chilled air. Mahaballipuram is most famous city known for spectacular rock cut temples built by Pallava dynasty. Angelic shrines are dedicated to Pandavas and Drapaudi (heroes of epic Mahabharata). Names of temples are in sequence of brothers i.e. from elder to younger.

Flights from Chennai to Bangalore at

  •     Dharamraj Ratha – Dedicated to Yudhishtir
  •     Bhima Ratha – Dedicated to Bhimadev
  •     Arjuna Ratha – Dedicated to Arjuna
  •     Nakul and Sahadeva Ratha – Dedicated to Nakul and Sahadeva
  •     Draupadi Ratha – Dedicated to Draupadi

    Pious places are named as Rathas because they are carved from a single large rock in Ratha (Chariot) style. Various sculptures are engraved on its outer walls. Large elephant is also standing besides these sacred temples that are also carved out from rock.

    One can get reservation for cheapest flight tickets from Bangalore to Chennai and look at spectacular constructions of erstwhile period. Flywidus is famed web gateway propounding air ticketing facilities to wayfarer reasonable prices so they do not have to worry about other expenses during trip.


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