Kolkata- The Etymology Sparkles with the Touch of Ethnic Culture

Kolkata, also known as Calcutta is the capital city of Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of River Hooghly, the city is regarded to be the principal commercial, cultural and educational centre of Eastern India. The city for its epitome cultural heritage is known all over the world to be the cultural capital of India. Kolkata is regarded to be the place from where India arose against the tyranny of the British Raj. The former capital of the country is blessed to have everything that deciphers its beauty to awesomeness! If you have been to Kolkata, you must have been very lucky to get with the charm of the city. Regarded to be the country’s only place where Humanity prioritizes the secular sting, Kolkata escalates the spirit of universal brotherhood with sheer delight! Spread across the area of 185 square kilometres, it is considered to be the country’s leading metropolis ranking 7th in population. The city is blessed to have Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport and world class railway stations at Sealdah and Howrah, which receives an average of more than two million people every day from across the globe. Etymology: The word Kolkata has been derived from the Bengali word Kolikata. It is believed to be one of the three villages that initially formed Kolkata. Sovabazar Sutanuti being the most popular amongst these! However, there are lot many versions as why the city came to known so! Some of the popular ones are as follows: The name is thought to be a variation of Kalikkhetro (Meaning: Field of the Goddess Kali) Some schools say it the name may have been derived from the word Kilkila (Meaning: The Flat Land) There are other old schools that say that the name owes to Khal (Meaning Canal) The modern school put forward the theory that states as Kolkata got its name from Koli Chun (Meaning quicklime) Spread roughly north- south along the East bank of the River Hooghly, Kolkata is situated within the lower Ganges Delta of eastern India. Situated at an elevation of (1.5- 9) m, the city is populated densely with most of them falling to the category of bourgeons. Unlike the other metropolis, Kolkata abound places that are not only naturally excellent but also spiritually magnificent! Some of these are: The Victoria Memorial Prinsep Ghat St. Paul’s Cathedral The Howrah Bridge The Vidyasagar Setu Maidan Fort William Kolkata Port Dakshineshwar Temple Kalighat Temple Eden Gardens Nakhoda Masjid Calcutta High Court The National Library Alipur Zoo Indian National Museum Nandan Rabindra Sadan So, what are you waiting for? Perhaps for one single but the most important thing that centres your travel enthusiasm! Yes, I am talking about the food. Kolkata has eclectic variation of foods ranging from Indian to Italian. However, if you are eager to lavish the typical Bengali food I guarantee you getting some really special restaurants serving you with your longed food! In case, if it has already sparked you with the spunk to be here, you can get away with it as Kolkata flight tickets are easily available. Cheap air tickets to Kolkata being so much a common affair, set out for the place with your family for spending some quality time via cheap flights to Kolkata . 


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