Attractions of Mumbai to be explored cheap flight tickets from Patna to Mumbai


While there are plenty of places to visit in Mumbai when travelling through flights from Patna to Mumbai, such as Worli Fort, Mumbai Zoo, Gateway of India, and Marine Drive Beaches, lots of fabulous destinations are to be found in the city’s nearby areas as well. Furthermore, besides sightseeing, shopping is another major charm of visiting Mumbai as there are numerous prospects for both high-end luxury retail therapy and cheap bargain hunting options. Quite often, tourists use Mumbai as their base camp for shopping and exploring the nearby destinations. So, here is a look at places near Mumbai and shopping prospects when travelling with low airfare from Patna to Mumbai.

There is a galore of options for anyone hunting for unforgettable destinations near Mumbai. Some of the best ones include Lonavala, Alibag, Pune, and Matheran. Lonavala, at a height of about 625 metres above sea level is a virtual paradise for those who love nature.

There is lots of scope for hikes and treks here. For some more hilly seduction, Matheran is another lovely place. A couple of top attractions here are Charlotte Lake and Matheran Bazaar.

Similarly Alibag, with its pristine beaches, azure blue sea, and spectacular forts remains another of the top weekend getaways from Mumbai and has rightfully earned the title of ‘Goa of Maharashtra’. If you are in the mood for a cultural tour, head to Pune, the state’s cultural capital and embark on a non-stop roller coaster ride of visiting museums and forts. The presence of such amazing nearby places has made no mean contribution to the Mumbai tourism industry with cheap air tickets from Patna to Mumbai.


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