Rejoice yourself in the refreshing waterfalls of Ranchi

flights-from-Hyderabad-to-RanchiRanchi is regarded as the city of waterfalls as it has been bestowed with some of the very beautiful waterfalls in the country. The city is the capital city of the state Jharkhand. If you travelling with flights from Hyderabad to Ranchi, then you should about some of the famous waterfalls in the city that are worth exploring.

Hundru falls: Hundru falls is one of the most picture perfect falls in the city. It is located at the distance of 45 km from the city. The pools at the bottom are the favorite picnic and bathing spots.

Jonha falls: these falls are also known as gautamdhara and is located the distance of 40 kms from the city of Ranchi. The falls can be speculated by 500 steps descending. The river kanchi flows nearby which can be speculated, if you are travelling with cheap flight tickets from Hyderabad to Ranchi.

Panchghagh falls: These falls are located at the distance of 6 km from khunti. This falls consist of five streams formed in a row due to the breakage of Banai River. Cemented walkways connect the different cataracts. The second stream of all is the most famous and 5th is the biggest of all.

Dassam falls: Dassam falls is located at the distance of 34 km from the city of Ranchi. The Kachni River falls from an altitude of 144 feet. It is also known as the dassamgagh.

Hirni falls: It is another beautiful waterfall situated in the middle of the forest and is located at the distance of 70 km from Ranchi.

Sita fall: It is located near Jonha fall and can be best seen in the early morning.


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