Pay your visit to winter capital of the state Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu is the wintertime capital of Jammu and Kashmir and is also situated on the banks of this River Tawi. This is also called the town of Temples as there are many historical temples and mosques found at this location. This is the 2nd most significant metropolis in the state and is worth exploring when travelling through cheap air tickets from pune to Jammu.


Jammu was beneath the rule of Mughals after which Sikhs just before it moved into the hands of the British. The town was reigned over for a quite long time about 984 years by Dev dynasty and after that by Dogra rule. During Dogra rule, numerous temples, mosques and instructional institutions had been constructed.

The climate of Jammu is very scorching during summer period, the mercury shooting as much as 46 degree Celsius however in wintertime the environment goes below the freezing level. The coldest month is January and the hottest is June. Hence it is much better to prevent both these months for tourist pursuits when travelling through cheap flight tickets from pune to Jammu.Also in the course of winter season, dense smog covers the city blocking the vision.

Jammu is noted for its regional meals rajma with rice and also popular for chocolate burfi, sund panjeeri, patisa and kalaadi. The Dogri foodstuff specialties like khatta meat, ambal, maa da madra and dal patt are true feasts to taste.

So plan your trip to Jammu with at earliest


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