Come and enjoy the flavours of Traditional India

In the pages of history Kolkata has served as the capital city during the British Empire. Job Charnock,is known as the father of the city as he discovered the city while he came to introduce east India company in India. In the year 2003, high court of Kolkata passed an order that Kolkata will be no longer be called under founding name and its name was changed from Calcutta to Kolkata. The city locates itself at the banks of river Hooghly and is known as the cultural capital of the country. The city is also known as the city of joy. The people of the city have a high taste over literature and art. This fact has led the city to be renowned as the literary capital of the country, so explore the city with cheap airfare from Ranchi to Kolkata

The treasure of the Kolkata has packed itself to the brim with foreign currency due tourism sector in the city. Shah Rukh serving as the brand ambassador of the city increases the chances of investment in the city more. Kolkata is an important city in terms of tourism as it is the cultural capital city of the country. The city of Kolkata is even a popular metropolitan city which boasts lot of historical places and tourist attractions that are there to behold. The city has a friendly atmosphere which attracts the tourist the most and can be experienced with low airfare from Ranchi to Kolkata.


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