Explore out the history of Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of the country has witnessed long history. The city has been ruled by many empires since ages. The city was the capital city of pandavas in the great Indian epic Mahabharata. If we date back to the maurayan period then the site has been a continuous settlement. 1996 near srinivaspur the city discovered two maurayan inscriptions of the great emperor Asoka.

When you travel to the city with cheap flight tickets from Jammu to Delhi then you will find that the city has been inhabited since 5000 years. The history of Delhi starts with the onset of the Delhi sultanate in 12th century. Before independence the city has been under the British and Islamic rulers.

The city of Delhi has been built and rebuilt many times in the past history. The city is one of the oldest capital as well as the oldest inhabited place in the world which be explored when you travel with lowest airfare from Jammu to Delhi.

The capital contains number of marvellous architectural features which are still prominent as the evidences of the rich history. Delhi later came under the British East India Company and was known as the north western provinces. The city was under the direct control under after the first war of Indian independence.

So explore the city at its best with its everlasting history with flights from Jammu to Delhi at Flywidus.com.


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