Explore the rich history of Kolkata

The popular metropolitan city, Kolkata holds a charming history with itself. The culture of the city is still the mirror of the history of Kolkata. Despite being a commercial centre, Kolkata tourist attractions have a remarkable prominence which can be explored with cheap flight tickets from Chennai to Kolkata.

The city of Kolkata has been inhabited since 2000 years as per the findings of the archaeological evidences at Chandraketugarh. 1690 marks the beginning of the history of Kolkata when east India Company came to introduce itself. In 1698, fort Williams was established and gave unique status to the city. The Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-daulah, took over the British establishment and captured Kolkata with a new name and shifted his capital here. In 1757 Kolkata was again under the British establishment and was captured by Robert Clive and Watson. Then city became capital city of the country in the year 1772.

From these evidences we found that the city was an important player in the history of the 18th century. The first movement of independence was experienced by Kolkata after the battle of plassey. Kolkata faced many ups and downs later on, however is with success standing as a very important pillar of the state and may be witnessed after you trip Kolkata with low air fare from Chennai to Kolkata.

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