Surajkund International Craft Mela



Surajkund International Craft Mela is the right place to enjoy the regional and international crafts and local traditionsThis festival starts from 1 february and last till 15 february in Surajkund of Faridabad. More than a million tourists and locals visit this mela. This is the place of exhibition of handlooms, handicrafts, masterpiece and others. This is one of the largest craft exhibitions in the world. You can find many artists performing in an open-air theaters. You can also enjoy many joy rides, cuisine of the land and other attractions here.

Alwar Festival



This tourism festival of Alwar takes place for three days in February from 13 Feb to 15 feb in Alwar of Rajasthan. This is one of the most popular festival. This festival takes you close to the traditions and culture of the land. The celebration includes fair, fancy dress competition, sketching competition, flower show, elephant polo, film shows and others.

Shekhawati Heritage Festival



The Shekhawati region of Rajasthan is the land of Rajputs. Rajputs are famous for their colorful celebrations and this heritage festival is a tribute to their culture. This festival is celebrated from 12 Feb to 15 Feb, in many venues of Rajasthan like Nawalgarh, Dikar, Churu and Jhunjhunu. Nawalgarh is the capital of this celebration. You can enjoy many workshops, exhibitions, rural games, fireworks, cattle fair, food courts, stalls, award ceremony and many others.

Taj Mahotsav


As the name suggests, Taj Mahotsav is a festival that is held near the Eastern gate of Taj Mahal, Agra. The festival starts from 18 feb to 27 feb. This is so popular festival that people from far off and shores across come to witness this festival. One reason why this time of the year is chosen for Taj Mahotsav is that the season is also ideal for touring the city as the climate is benevolently cool for sightseeing.

Pariyanampetta Pooram Kattakulam


This is a seven-day extravaganza celebration starting from 13 feb to 19 feb in Kattukulam of Palakkad district in Kerala. You can find many dance forms during this celebration. Other common attractions includes procession of elephants, folk dance, arts, rituals and others. This attracts people from various parts of the country.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival


This festival is celeberated in Mumbai from 2 feb to 9 feb. This festival is transformed into an open-air exhibition space and stage show. This vibrant street festival includes arts and crafts, exhibitions, workshops, dance performances, music, theater, heritage walks, and special events for children.

Matho Nagrang Festival


Matho Nagrang is a Buddhist festival from 18 feb to 19 feb, to invoke the divine spirits to help solve problems and predict the future in Leh Ladakh Region. The custom of this festive is to keep two selected monks in isolation where they meditate for two month in order to call on the divine spirits. This is a fascinating festival which is very lively and filled with colors as the other monks join the celebration in colourful costumes.


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